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I have really been trying my best and although I have yet to see the changes that I wanted to see on the scale (yes, I’m very impatient, thank you very much) I have started to see a great deal of changes in my habits and my mood. I’m more of the optimistic, that I should be. That’s really what it’s all about in the long run anyway, isn’t it? Yes.

I decided that since I was getting frustrated, I would start taking it up a notch and stop the baby steps for now. Don’t get me wrong, I think baby steps are great but not when you are ready for something more. Sometimes you have to push yourself. Sometimes when I’m ready for something more and I keep taking baby steps, I start making excuses. So when I’m ready to step it up, I have to or it all falls apart.

I lowered my daily calorie allowance by 200 calories. It doesn’t sound like much but it really can be a lot at the end of the day when you want that extra bit at dinner or you want that treat after dinner when your husband is eating a big bowl of ice cream in front of you. For me, it’s okay because it encourages me to exercise more. I am a fan of eating back my exercise calories. I’m not saying go grab a donut every time you work out but it’s okay to eat back some of those calories that you burned off during the day if you have allotted them to yourself. It is healthy this way and the weight is more likely to stay off. Plus, I don’t feel like I’m starving myself.

So, exercise.

I started the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred again. It is something that I know. It’s right in my house. It’s easy. It gets results. It doesn’t take very long. I do it right when I wake up. I am also doing 30 minutes cycling exercise using my recumbent exercise bike. I guess in a way this is still baby steps, but just bigger baby steps. Maybe toddler steps?

Some things about exercising are frustrating me still. Two main things, really. One, I really want to spin. I got a brand new spin bike for Christmas and it’s sitting here staring me in the face but every time I go to use it, it makes this clicking noise and drives me insane. I think I’m just really too angry that it does this to do anything. It’s next on the list of things to do. I think I’m scared it will be a big problem so I’m just ignoring it.

Secondly, my heart rate monitor just won’t work. I’ve been trying to resolve this problem, though. I bought a new battery and it came the other day! It still didn’t work. So yesterday I did some digging around online and I saw that you should wash the chest strap in a different way than I was so I tried that. Still didn’t work. It finally clicked in my head that perhaps the chest strap transmitter needed a new battery too so I have ordered that today. Hopefully next week I’ll have a working HRM again. Gah!

I hate when posts start out super happy and then end in a pile of frustration and I feel forlorn and down in the dumps. It’s pretty much how I start and end every day lately. This will change soon. It’s an improvement from before!

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